Benefits of Our Training Programs

How is Scale@Scale conducted?

The best instructors have designed the most motivating learning paths for you.
Immersive Learning Experience

#1 Pre-class

Materials you will receive before the class:
  • Program flow
  • Scrum@Scale Guide
  • Reading Materials
  • Post-class

#2 During the class

Our interactive lesson includes:
  • Core syllabus
  • Case studies
  • Discussion and evaluation

#3 Post-class

Become part of CI Agile's Alumni
for zero charges and get:
  • Lifelong coaching
  • Market insights
  • Event invitation
course satisfaction
trainer satisfaction
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Our past students said 

Ethan's expert team strives to help the company learn
and migrate to Scrum uses. He has helped a few
business partners that I have recommended to achieve
impactful results!”
Managed to meet like-minded partners and work
together to overcome difficulties in the project.
I can utilize the knowledge gained in SASP to lead
million-dollar projects!
I get to understand the true Scrum and its goal.
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