Implementing Agile Transformation

Achieving Business Agility with Scrum@Scale

Credential: Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner (RS@SP)

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Course overview
  • A natural extension of the Scrum framework created by the co-creator of Scrum, Dr. Jeff Sutherland.

  • Scale Scrum from one to many teams across the organization

  • Completion of a Registered Scrum Master and Registered Product Owner or a Registered Scrum@Scale Fundamentals Course is encouraged but not required.
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The Legendary
Co-creator of Scrum 

Dr. Jeff Sutherland designed Scrum at Scale to scale across the organization as a whole.

  • Based on the fundamentals of Scrum and complex adaptive systems theory.
  • To deliver products and services faster with our lightweight, adaptable large scale framework.
  • Our Scrum at Scale training is interactive and provides the tools to produce high-performing teams of teams through a combination of lectures, hands-on tutorials, and case studies.

Scrum@Scale, a natural extension of Scrum.

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Achieve Exponential Business Results with Scrum@Scale.

Master a new resounding work structure and a collaboration framework that works immediately

Refactor to a minimum viable bureaucracy (MVB) that focuses on delivering business results and happy customers

Equip teams with the know-how to support remote teams operating with unparalleled transparency and connectivity

Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner

A continuously improved world-class program.
  • Updated with the latest Scrum at Scale transformation examples from Fortune 100 companies
  • Backed with real case studies and a highly interactive training approach
  • Deals with complex problems while delivering products & services of the highest value. 
  • Learn to make the right decisions and respond rapidly to changing market needs.
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Why Scrum@Scale?

Scrum@Scale helps businesses: 
  • Effectively coordinate any number of Scrum Teams across an enterprise
  • Create a ’Minimum Viable Bureaucracy‘ which allow organizations to adapt quickly and thrive
  • Align an entire organization around clear priorities
  • Increase transparency, fast feedback and continual improvement
  • Deliver value faster by boosting innovation and reducing time to market

Trusted by Fortune 100 Companies

Achieve business agility by leveraging the Scrum@Scale infrastructure.

A successful organization starts from a successful team. This course will allow you to quickly improve your current teams to foster excellent cross-department coordination. You will be able to immediately apply the S@S framework in your organization and reap the benefits.
True scrum
  • Quit formalizing Scrum
  • Focus only on delivering business values through building hyper-productive teams
scrum master cycle
  • Continuously remove impediments to increase team's productivity
  • Reduce organization operating costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
product owner cycle 
  • Strategize vision, breakdown into missions and take immediate actions
  • Fast release of high quality products to the market

Optimized for the best learning experience for Asians.

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The initial curriculum focused on the theories and principles behind the Scrum framework which was designed specifically for western learners. This was less suitable for asian learners that practise a more practical and multimedia-based learning habit. 

Hence, Ethan Soo and Jeff Sutherland spent three days in Scrum Inc.'s office at Tokyo, Japan to redesign and restructure the Scrum at Scale curriculum according to the learning habits and work culture in Asia. 

Ethan Soo aims to conduct culture-sensitive teaching of Scrum@Scale that can provide the best learning experience for Asians. In the revised Scrum curriculum, a unique frame of problems was derived from the case studies in Asia. Following that, a precise implementation roadmap that incorporates ways to tackle those problems was constructed. This allows learners to implement Agile in their workplace and deliver business results immediately after the class. 

A 5-Star Learning Experience With CI Agile

We believe Agile transformation is a continuous journey and we aim to provide you with continuous support. You are not alone, we will always be there with you. 


You will receive pre-reading materials one week before the class to build a strong Scrum knowledge foundation 

During the class

You will experience highly interactive learning sessions where we discuss about real enterprise-level Scrum case studies


Your learning journey will not stop here! You will enjoy one year of unlimited free Scrum course revision and continuous support 

From the past participants

“I can utilize the knowledge gained in Scrum at Scale Practitioner to lead
million-dollar projects!”
“Managed to meet like-minded partners and work
together to overcome difficulties in the Agile project.”
“Ethan's expert team strives to help the company learn
and migrate to Scrum. He has helped a few business partners that I have recommended achieve
impactful results!”

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About the Course

The Scrum@Scale framework is the brainchild of Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum and the founder of Scrum Inc. Scrum @Scale naturally extends the core Scrum framework to deliver hyper-productive results across industries and disciplines, including software, hardware, services, operations, and R&D. In our 3-day course, you will learn the Scaling principles and Scrum methodologies behind the building and running performance-oriented Scrum teams, and successfully scale Scrum to the entire organization including IT, business, operation, marketing, HR and other aspects of the company to uplift their performance and Agility.
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This Scrum at Scale program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentations, group discussions, case studies, hands-on computer exercises, and games.
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Professional Development Units (PDUs)

This Scrum at Scale course counts as 16 SEUs and 16 PDUs.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Create and lead hyper-productive Scrum teams and teams-of-teams
  • Identify the key area to uplift in an organization to deliver immediate performance impact
  • Facilitate cross-team collaboration and release planning with tens, hundreds, or thousands of people
  • Create and prioritize a transformation Backlog to overcome impediments to scaling Scrum
  • Measure and improve key Scrum metrics at an Enterprise level
The Scrum @Scale® course teaches the responsibilities of the management team, Product Owner, Scrum Master, individual Scrum teams, and enterprise leadership to collaborate efficiently in a variety of large-scale contexts.
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Course Overview

Day 1: The Whats and Whys

Learning objective: Learn the reasoning and formation of Scrum@Scale (natural extension of Scrum) and understand why it is the best way to solve your business and management problems.
1.1 Why Agile?
1.2 Three mega-issues when scaling Scrum
  • Prioritization
  • Working Product
  • Organizational Refactoring
1.3 What and Why?
  • Dual operating system
  • Waterfall does not scale
  • First Scrum@Scale Prototype
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Day 2: Building Strong Scrum Teams

Learning Objective: Equipping learners with skills to form an efficient, productive, self-motivated, and result-oriented team. Emphasizes on producing high-quality products in the minimum time by tracing back to the principles of hyper-productive Scrum Teams and their key learning blocks.
2.1 Team-level process
  • Scrum Patterns
  • Scaling Scrum challenges
  • Inconsistent Scrum
  • 2 – 3 case studies to discuss within the team
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Day 3: Part 1 - Scale-up to Multi-teams Environment and the Entire Organization

Learning Objective: Starting by aligning vision with the top management, this section prepares students to connect
multi-teams using Scrum@Scale.
3.1 Scaling Scrum and the Scrum Master
3.2 Cross-team Coordination
  • Scaling Scrum Case Study
3.3 The Executive Action Team (EAT)
  •  Scaling Scrum challenge: bureaucracy & hierarchy
  •  Pattern - The Agile Practice
  • 2 Scrum case studies to discuss with the team
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Day 3: Part 2 - From Vision to Backlog by Collaborating with the Business Entity to Form a PO Organization

Learning Objective: Positioning business entities with Agility with the aim to deliver business results. You will also learn about a customer-oriented mindset that enables you to deliver what customers want.
4.1 The Product-Owner Cycle
4.2 Strategic Vision
4.3 Backlog
  •  Prioritization
  •  Decomposition and Refinement
4.4 Release Planning
  •  Case study involving Scrum@Scale

About the Trainer: 
Ethan Soo

Ethan graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He had over 18 years of experience in software development, project management, and Agile rollout across large, multi-site organizations.

In 2003, he learned Scrum and was inspired by its elegance and effectiveness. He spent the next 5 years working as a Development lead, Director of Engineering, and CTO that implements Scrum. In 2009, his successful experience has led him to focus his career towards enterprise Agile transformations.

In 2011, he led his first commercial Agile transformation for about 200 developers at EF Labs with 16 Scrum and 2 Kanban implementations. The project was very successful and EF Labs was one of the best Agile implementations in China at that time. The end-to-end effort needed only 3 months, and this has become one of the hallmark Agile adoption cases in China.

Subsequently, Ethan led the Agile transformation effort at Bank of China, Cisco China, ZTE, NIO, Mastercard, Meituan, and many business entities in Beijing and Shanghai.

Within 3 months of working with Ethan, most large-scale Scrum systems gained 30-80% productivity, while small multi-team Scrum systems reported over 100% productivity boost.

Over the past decade, Ethan was one of the most successful and celebrated Agile coaches in China. In addition, he also focused on delivering and enhancing Scrum and Kanban education in the Asia Pacific region. Ethan was able to leverage his extensive experience and real cases to create deeply engaging Scrum and Scrum at Scale courses.

With over 300 deliveries, stellar 5-stars performance 95% of the time, and 4 fluent teaching languages (English, Chinese, Cantonese, Bahasa) - Ethan is one of the best Agile trainers in East and Southeast Asia.

In 2020, Scrum Inc. Agile Education Program entrusted Ethan to be a Scrum Fellow and the regional partner for the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. Ethan will help to increase the accessibility of Dr. Jeff Sutherland's True Scrum knowledge and to mentor, coach, train, and certify next-generation Scrum Inc. trainers in the Asia Pacific.
Patrick Jones - Course author

18 years

of Agile Experience

Agile Training Deliveries

Enterprise Agile Transformations

Our Clientele: 

Recommended by

Ethan recently spent two days in my
Scrum@Scale class in Tokyo planning
his first four Scrum@Scale classes in
China in December 2019. Having
reviewed the plan carefully, I strongly
recommend training with Ethan. These
will be excellent courses.

Ethan has been a strong proponent
of doing Scrum well and has been of
great assistance to Chinese
companies looking to improve their
use of Scrum and agile approaches.

Ethan's expert team strives to help
company learn and migrate to
SCRUM uses. I recommended him
to a few business partners and all
have gotten raving reviews and he
has helped them drove impactful
financial benefit and result.


Frequently asked questions

Will I be given a full refund if I change my mind?

No, you will not be given a refund. However, we can help you reschedule to another class availability upon advanced notice (minimum 5 days before the class). 

When will I receive the pre-class learning materials? 

You will be given access to the pre-class learning materials one week before the class. 

How do I sit for the examination? 

You will be given an exam link after the class and you can sit for the exam anytime within 30 days of receiving the link. 

What is the examination format?

Multiple choice questions (MCQ) and true-false questions. 

What is the validity of the examination link? 

It will be valid for 30 days after it is given out. 

Can I resit for the examination if I fail it for the first time? 

Yes, you will be given another free attempt after consulting your course instructor. However, a minimum fee will be charged for the third attempt. 

What is the passing score of the exam? 

The passing score of the exam is 23/30.

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PDUs can be divided into three categories: technical, leadership, and strategic. 

4. I have completed my Product Owner, Scrum Master, or Scrum@Scale course and unfortunately did not pass my exam. Can I retake the exam?

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